Apa; R. C. M. Sch. Grace Igbabon Gwer East Local Government Chairman - Hon. Sch. Off Abuking Shulwa; Yina Allagh - Yina Village Square; Akpehe - Akpehe Village Square; Tarhule Abavo - Km 5 Gboko Road; Ade Village - Ade Village Square; Adi Village - Adi Village Square; Tse Apir Village - Near Fidelis Agav Compound; Igba Peter, Igba Peter Behind Lower Benue; Naf Base I - Naf Base Gate; Naf Base II - Naf Base Gate; Korve Village - Korve Village Square; Tse Poor Village - Tse Poor Village Square; Fiidi Market - Fiidi Market Square; Gaadi Village - Opposite House Gboko Road; Lower Benue - Lower Benue Quarters; Nkst Primary School - Iyakyor; Imande Village - Imande Village Square; Logo Primary School - Open Space Ahure Azege Village; Angbaaye - Angbaaye Gboko Road; Nyor Gyungu Village Square; Lgea School, Kachi - School Premises; Shungu Bongo - Open Space Shungu Bongo Comp; Agba Gyungu - Agba Gyungu Village Square; Tse Abu - Tse Abu Village Square; New Wurukum Market - Unity House (Near), Mbaorka - Tse Apagher; Mbakuhe/Mbamanger - Mcha Ala Village Square; Mbabai Bassa - Tse Agabi (Open Space); Mbabai - Andemah Lgea School; Mbakombur/Ugondo - Iortim Yugh Village Square; Anter - Anter Lgea; Anter II - Anter Lgea; Tongov I - Ikyaan Village Square; Tongov II - Anure Village Square; Mbaanger - Amase Village Square; Mbalagh Chile - Iorbul Village Square; Azongo - Lgea, Azongo; Tse Tsav - Tse Tsav (Open Space); Ugah Chaver - Tse Uga (Open Space); Ado Ukpe - Ado Ukpe (Open Space); Zongo Akiki - Zongo Akiki Square; Onmbaakyaagbe - Tse Gbegi (Open Space); Mbaase - Tatyough (Open Space); Gbido Andiir - Gbido Village Square; Mbager - Mbager Taki Village; Tse Akwa - Asoh Chan (Open Space); Agatu Island - Chile; Asom - Avindigh Village Square, Ivo Village - Ivo Village (Injaha) Square; Iorkyaa - Iorkyaa Compound (Open Space); Inongun Asua - Tyo Demekpe; Kuah Village - Nkst Pri. Tse Kaagu; Near Comp. John Snow, Incorporated (JSI) - We are public health care and health systems consultants and researchers driven by a passion to improve health services and health outcomes for all. Benue State is located in theNorth Central part of Nigeria. ; Nkst School Agov; Nkst Igboughour; Anglican School Ingbian; Tse-Pagher ( Village Square); Rcm School Nyoosu; Indyer( Village Square); Tse-Wav Village/Tse-Wav, Lgea School Ityokyaa; Tse-Pagher ( Village Square); Rcm School Diba; Rcm School Shakume; Lgea School Tse-Igbon; Ihoor (Village Square); Lgea School Tse-Aluor; Ikor Market Square; Gbanyam (Village Square); Agaku (Village Square), Nkst School Tyougbihi; Genyi ( Village Square); Nkst School Anungwa; Nkst School Gwatse; Lgea School Aman; Lgea School Gbeleve; Lgea School Poovule; Lgea Primary Schoolswaki; Nkst School Azege; Azege Market Square; Tatse Village Square; Lgea Primary School Uzer; Nkst School Ikyuemen; Ayilamo Market Square; Fofi Village Square; Nkst School Mbakighir; Lgea Primary School Kwungu; Lgea Primary School,Audu; Nkst School Anakaa; Asuntu Market Square; Leprosy Clinic Nyamkumer; Rcm Primary School Getim, Nkst. II, Aila Centre; Egba Play Ground, Egba Centre; Egba Pri. School, Abokwen/Tse Abokwen; Nkst. Wards in Apa Local Government Area. School, Akpera; Anglican Sch. Share this on WhatsAppSpread the love Benue State's Governor Samuel Ortom has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC not to postpone this year's general election over claims of insecurity as speculated. School - Zege; Mbadim, Agbadu Iyar Comp. School - Agidi; Mbadim - Near Tse Vishigh Compound; Mbadim - Near Tyotule Ivuungu Compound; Market Square - Anihundu; Market Square Tyokighir; Market Square - Igbesue, Mbakper - Gtc Mkar Gate I; Mkar Gate II; Mbakper - Nr Orphanage Home; School - Nurs & Midw I; School - Nurs & Midw II; Market Square - Ortese I; Gate - Kcc Mkar I; Gate - Kcc Mkar II; Field - Mkar Dem; Market Square - Ortese II; Premises - Beside Rtcn; Nkst. School, Annune/Annune, Lgea Primary School, Ijor-Imenger/Lgea Primary School, Ijor-Imenger; Nkst. Azeeze Aba; Near Comp. School, Adayi; Amua Health Clinic; Hagher Compound; Ikpen - Tse-Ikpen Compound; Ikyor Gbisha Compound; Makondo - Lgea Prim. It was created in 1976 out of Makurdi local government with its headquarters at Aliade tow. Squ. Latitude 7205N Longitude 84424E. School, Kwar; Korinya Market I - Korinya; Anwua Market - Anwua; Agro Service Centre - Agro Korinya; Korinya Market II - Motor Park; Uka's Compound II - Uka's Junction, Wuaor Lged School - Wuaor; Ngor Lged School - Ngor; Adyorough - Adyorough; Mhambe Market - Mhambe; Mhambe Lged School, Mhambe; Saamakpe - Saamakpe; Iorver Lged School - Iorver; Anima Market - Anima; Torjape Lged School - Torjape; Koko - Koko; Ubo Agera - Ubo Agera; Akile Jime Bask Lit. Police Field; Gboko N/West (Near Tse Homgbev Compound I; Gboko N/West (Near Tse Homgbev Compound II; Gboko West - Wuam Gambe - Comp. Gyado Hosp. ; Umu-Aluma, Play Ground; Umuawo, Open Space; Ogbolokuta, Mkt. 27, Ogiri Oko St. ; Gboko South - Noah Veregh Comp. School - Akpehe; Near Tse-Amee Compound, Rcm School - Agbile; Market Square - Mke; Near-Nratoto ;Yatar Compound; Near - Azakpe Akwanya Compound; Market Square - Ihungwanor; Lgea Prim. The All Progressive Congress today welcomed into its fold over 13,000 members of the PDP from two different council wards of Vandeikya Local government Area of the state. Techn Mkar; Nkst Prim. School - Ikyumbur; Nkst School - Ako Abwa I; Market Square - Ityavyar; Clinic Premises - Usor Leprosy Clinic; Lgea School - Audu; Market Square - Ako Fate; Opposite Nkst. II, Open Space; Green Garden Hotel I, Open Space; Green Garden Hotel II, Open Space; No. Pri. Compound; Central Pri. ; Onogwu, Play Ground; Udu-Denyi/Nsura Mkt Sq. School, Kperegh; Rcm Sch. School, Azaibo II, School Premises; Tse Indyer, Close To Tse Indyer Compound; Lgea Prim Sch Agura I - Sch Premises; Lgea Pri. The local government has 14 council wards. Fr. State LGA Ward Facility UID Facility Code Facility Name Facility Level Ownership Details; FCT: Abuja Municipal Area Council: City Centre: 22864667: 37/06/1/1/2/0095 School - Igbe; Lgea Prim. School, Yaji I, School Premises; Rcm Pri. School. Sch. School, Apir; Tse Ugo - Tse Ugo Village Square; Asamber - Asamber Village Square; Utuur I - Rcm. School, Chan, School Premises; Tse Awundu, Close To Awundu's Compound, Shimana Amata, Rcm. Sch. Pri. ; Yayua - Tse Yayua Comp; Abena II - Abena Play Ground, Uchu - Tse Uchu Comp; Ikyogundu - Ikyogundu Comp. ; Ukwonyo Rice Mill, By Rice Mill Sq. Tr. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. School, Ugangese; Lgea School, Akuraga; Near Jingari Comp. Sch. School - Ambor; Lgea Prim. School, Ikyaave; L. G. Disp. School, Abakwa; Adi Market Square I; Adi Market Square II; Lgea School, Damkor; Lgea School, Akawa; Near Sinafi Mode Comp. Asangabar; Bua Dyu - Imande, Near Bua Compound; Ingbankyor - Lgea School - Ingbankyor; Torkula I - Lgea Prim. I; Ugbokpo Mkt. School - Genyi; Rcm Prim. School; Tiny Tots - Tiny Tots School Premises; Adem Junction - Opposite Aprofirm Base; Iwenge - Isenge Village Squared; Adeke Village - Adeke Village Square; Uchen - Lgea School, Uchen, Near Alhaji Serkin Numa - Ibadan Street; Lido Night Club - Front Of The club; Lobi Bank/Fire Service - Front Of Office Of Sec. Sch. - Entrance; Mechanic Village - At The Gate; Yagba Village - Yagba Village Square; Behind Day Spring - Behind Day Springe; North Bank Market I - Yogbo Road; North Bank Market II - Yogbo Road; Jor Fada - Jor Fada; Peter Tarkende I - 40 Old Lafia Road; Peter Tarkende II - 4o Old Lafia Road; V. I. O. I - Vio Ground; V. I. O. II - Vio Ground; Vet. School, Abenga, School Premises; Lgea Pri. Sch. Coll. Gboko-East Council Ward, and. Centre - Near Health Centre Court, Oko; Ogwurute Oko - Lgea School, Ogwu; Ocheje Oko/Imeyioko - Lgea School, Ocheje; Ipole Iyiru - Lgea School, Iyiru; Adum Oko - Adum Play Ground; Ipole Akor/Uda Bodo - Ofu Akor; Ugbugbu-Akor/Onitsha-Akor II, Uture - Ofu Uture; Ejema/Ai-Ona/Ofoma/Ejema - Ofu Ejema; Ugbogidi/Aiona/Efoma/Alagiran - Ofu Ai-Oga; Aigbena Aiona/Oshuroko/Alagirina - Aigbena Primary School; Enumadu/Ebala - Ofu Enumadu; Adum Aiona/Eha Idiri/Igwu/Ariri - Ai-Ona Primary School; Ameju/Ajaa - Ameju Play Ground; Ukalu/Lafia/Efugo/Ochagwu - Efugo Play Ground; Adum Ai-Ona/Ehaidiri/Igwu/Ariri II -Igwu - Ariri Playground, Ogori Itafor - Open Space; Ogori Ohurekpe - Open Space; Edii Ojiya/Ogori - Open Space; Okak Tokwe - Open Space; Ede - Open Space; Adum/Ogaka - Space Space; Ohuma - Open Space; Edii/Ojiya/Ogori II - Open Space, Ojaba I - Play Ground; Ojaba II - Primary School; Ojaba III - Aadogba Play Ground; Uchuo I - Primary School; Uchuo II - Ihiokwu Market Square; Okpoma - Play Ground; Obugbehe - Play Ground; Ugbogiri - Play Ground; Ekpong Play Ground; Obotu Ororu - Play Ground; Obotu Okilo - Play Ground; Ikom Ororu - Play Ground; Ochoro Ororu - Play Ground; Obi Ijegwu; Itikpala Ororu - Play Ground; Agbong - Play Ground; Okoyong - Play Ground; Icho - Play Ground; Otakini I - Play Ground; Okobi - Primary School; Ibilamdum - Play Ground; Obi-Echacho - Play Ground; Itakpala Obusa - Play Ground; Achoko I - Play Ground; Achoko II - Play Ground; Akaraba - Play Ground; Otakini II - Primary School; Ogonari - Play Ground; Obi-Ojaba - Play Ground; Eikpong II - Primary School; Obi-Ijegwu II - Play Ground, Anyuwogbu - Open Space; Andibilla - Open Space; Ibilla - Alukpo - Open Space; Uchenyum - Open Space; Ibilla - Lache - Open Space; Epwa - Ibilla - Open Space; Okuku - Open Space; Eja - Open Space; Barracks - Play Ground; Imoha Ibilla - Open Space; Ega Ekpodum - Open Space; Ega Mission - Play Ground; Ochi Mode - Primary School; Idajo - Open Space; Ichakobe/Ojini I - Magistrate Court; Edumoga - Open Space; Ugbogwu Ibilla, Ureke - Open Space; Ogballa - Open Space; Iyokolo/Ifega/Icheba - Open Space; Ogege - Open Space; Oye/Okonche - Open Space; Ezza Idelle - Open Space; Ndinwako Izzi; Ogballa II - Open Space, Ochiri Primary School - Primary School; Ojegbe I - Ihigile Market Square; Anchumogo Primary School; Otunche Play Ground - Open Space; Uje - Open Space; Ohirigwe - Open Space; Odaleko - Open Space; Oyinyi - Open Space; Odurukwu Open Space; Okpenehi Primary School - Primary School; Umankodi Primary School - Primary School; Ojegbe II - Market Sqyuare, Ukpilla - Open Space; Okpinya - Open Space; Itega - Open Space; Iyakom - Open Space; Oho - Open Space; Obegede/Ogodo - Open Space; Ohimenyi/Achawu - Open Space; Oripwa - Open Space; Okete/Adum/Atekpe - Open Space; Oho II - Open Space, Oju Ipinu - St. Thomas Primary School; Ihigolo Market Sqr; Ojenya Oju - Play Ground; Obohu Oju - Primary School, Ebenta I - Play Ground; Ebenta II - Play Ground; Agbaja/Obaniwe - Play Ground; Arigede - Play Ground; Igwe Ebong - Play Ground; Igwe Ochekpo - Play Ground; Igwe Omachi - Play Ground; Igwe Ette - Play Ground; Ubelle - Play Ground; Uda - Play Ground; Igwoke I - Play Ground; Igwoke II - Play Ground; Anyadirogo - Play Ground; Ikori I - Primary School I; Ikori II Play Ground; Owori Obutu I - Play Ground; Owori Obutu II - Play Ground; Igbegi Ipinu - Play Ground; Igbegi Odehe - Play Ground; Agbaja/Obaniwe II - Play Ground, Ukpiri Ikwokwu - Open Space; Anyikpomu Ikwokwu - Open Space; Anyode/Ubogun/Agbach - Open Space; Odaleke/Etadum - Open Space; Etadum Ikwoku - Open Space; Inyuma I - Open Space; Ojokwe/Ihio/Egawu - Open Space; Inyuma II - Open Space; Ojokwe/Ojoma - Open Space; Ojokwe/Efoji/Ogbodo/Enugu - Open Space; Anyode/Ugbogwu/Agbach II - Open Space, Ameka I - Play Ground; Ameka II - Primary School; Ohoho - Play Ground; Adum - Play Ground; Opiem - Play Ground; Ohuhu I - Play Ground; Ohuhu II - Primary School; Ikwata - Play Ground; Omua I - Play Ground; Omua II - Play Ground, Ihiejwo Market - Opp. - Tse Agbo (Tse Azeeze); Clinic Premises Dyegh Leprosy; Rcm. ; Ezza Odumoke, L. G. E. A. Agnes Uleko Erebe Makurdi Local Government Chairman - Hon. - Tse-Orya; Nurs/Prim. Pri. School, Igbudu, School Premises; Gbangban, Before Gbangban Compound, Lgea Pri. ; Ogwumogbo Prim. There are Seventeen (17) council wards and Eighteen (18) districts in Gboko. 22 Mkar Road - Mkar Road; Gboko South-Near Danladi Maigari Compound); Gboko South-Near Alh Abubakar Bd Compound; Gboko South (Near Alh. School, Ahundu I, School Premises; Lgea Pri. Sch. School, Kaan - Kaan; Lged Pri. Pri School, Jato-Aka II, School Premises; Inundur, Close To The Market Square; Waya Jape, Niger Waya Market Square; Diiv I, Before Diiv Market Square; Diiv II, Before Diiv Market Square; Wanchiha, Close To Wanchaha Market; Rcm. ; Gboko South Inf. Sch. School, Kachi, School Premises, Ichol Market, Close To Market Square; Lgea Pri. School, Agbonor; Near Tse Ali Him Comp.-Mbateva; Lgea School, Tough; Zua Market Square; Lgea School, Bua; Lgea School, Akume; Near Zuzu Ichegh Comp.-Mbaaseneku; Diwa Market Square; Leprosy Clinic, Apaa, Sati Market Square; Tavershima Market Square I; Tavershima Market Square II; Lgea School, Orahii I; Lgea School, Orahii II; Lgea School, Akura; Lgea School, Yegh; Lgea School, Ako I; Lgea School, Ako II, Ingoloko Market Square; Near Tse Emberga Comp.-Mbagbagh; Nkst. Aila; Aila Mkt Sq. 1; Olechologba Pri School I; Olagba Pri. School; Olojo-Otugugwu Play Ground, Ikobi Cath. Obasi. Clinic Haanongun - Haanongun; Azem Market Square - Azem; Agera Market Square - Agera; Taave Village - Taave; L. G. Health Clinic - Dio II, Lged School, Aba - Aba; Lged School, Akaabiam - Akaabiam; Lged School, Ayev - Ayev; Lged School, Kpe-Ala - Kpe-Ala; Manta Market - Manta; Lged School, Muta - Muta; Lged School, Bature - Bature; Lged School, Gbadema - Gbadema; Lged School, Ikpem - Ikpem; Lged School, Kibough - Kibough; Lged School, Ochoro - Ochoro; Lged School, Manta - Manta; Gbinde Market I - Gbinde; Shiriki Market - Shiriki; Gbinde Market II - Mhor Park, Nkst. I - Naga; Rcm Prim. Sec. I/Near Iorkyase Compound I; Near Iorkyase Anember Comp. - Kachir; Gbogbo Market - Gbogbo; Nkst. LIST OF COUNCIL WARDS. Edeje Village; Omikwidi Pri. Blue Sisters Bar; Market Square - Tomahar; Gboko South - Opp. School - Tse Nyajo; Lgea Prim School - Ikpaivuungu; Nkst Prim. Makueni County is located in the eastern region of Kenya and it covers an area of 8,008.9 Km2 with a population of 884,527 people. School, Agune - Agune; Gungul Main - Gungul; Gungul Market Square - Gungul; Rcm. School, Kpengwa; Ataimo Market I, Near Market Square; Ataimo Market II - Near Market Square, Lgea Pri. School. School, Agbami/School Compound; Rcm Pri. School, Chafa, School Premises; Abande Market, Before Market Square; Ityu Ukase, Lgea Pri. Tongo - Tongo; Atsadu Village - Atsadu; Akundu Market - Akundu; Tongo Market II - Motor Park, Agundu Nr Time Ikyar - Agundu; Amasetimin Lged School, Amasetimin; Selagi Market I - Selagi; Lged School, Ive - Ive; Tyough Market - Tyough; Lged School, Mbaikpam - Mbaikpam; Lged School, Iorkighir - Iorkighir; Public Square I - Public Square; Traditional Council Office - Traditional Council Office; Lged School, Agberagba West - Ag. List Of Polling Units And Wards In Yobe State. Square; Tse-Fate Vill. Rijo; Okwasi Prim School; Udebo Ogi, Play Ground; St. Mary's Pri. School - Amua; Near Tse Inje Compound; Lgea Prim. Sch., Adana Town; Olegeje, Play Ground, Enungba, Pri. Local Government Areas In Benue State (23) Ador, Agatu, Apa, Buruku, Gboko, Guma, Gwer . 27, Ogiri Oko Stt. ; Udebo Ojenyo, Play Ground; Ijokoro, L. G. E. A. Pri. School - Yahim I; Lgea Prim. Yuhe - Tse - Yuhe Comp. Pri. ; Umuezeoka, Play Grd; Iveise, Pri. Jov Mbavaa - Mbavaa; Kachir Comp. ; Rice Mill Road - Vet Office Premises; Gboko South - Nr Isaac Shaahu Comp. Inundu; Nyior Aka Compound; Tse Ihom Compound; Tse Avine - Lgea Prim. Sch. ; Okpanchenyi Pri. ; Atongo - Atongo Comp; Udeghe - Tse-Udeghe Comp. Aninge; Asangabar - Lgea Prim. School, Garagboughul I, Mbaju; Nkst. School, Yar; Nkst. Sch. Usha Play Ground; Usha Prim. Square; Agena - Agena Village Square; Upahar - Tse Upahar Open Space; Idye Benarda - At Benarda Headquarters; Mechanic Village - Entrance Of The Gate; Welfare Quarters - Welfare Quarters; Convent - Opposite Agric Bank; Kighir - Rcm. School, Sankera/School Compound; Agena Village/Agena Market Square; Lged School Agenai/School Compound; Lged School, Atam/School Compound; Tse Mtsar Village/Mtsar Village Open Space; Tse Atsem/Tse Atsem Village Open Space; Ugbanger Ali/Ugbanger Village Open Space; Atuluku Village/Atuluku Village Settlement Open Space; Wombo Village/Tse Wombo Village Open Space; Aba Duku Village/Aba Duku Village Settlement Open Space; Ngenev Comm. If you have been looking for all the local governments and wards in Benue State, look no further because this article is designed for you. Apa is located in the northwestern part of Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State. Pri. Sq. School - Yohol; Lgea Prim. CSR: NB Plc Builds Emergency Ward, Donates 7 Boreholes To Host Communities . Clinic - Sev; Atumbashima Junt. Sch., Ayaga; Ogedegi Udegi, Play Ground; Lgea Prim Sch, Udebo Watuolo; Akwacha, Play Ground; Ikpeyi, Play Ground; By Dispensary, Camp Watuolo; Olukpo, Play Ground; Okpirigbe, Play Ground; St Joseph Prim Sch II, Prim Sch Udebo Orijo. ; Ipole Otukpa II - Methodist Pri. School I - 11 Iorkyaa Ako Street; Nkst. School. Pri. School, Shikaan, School Premises, Kookoko Market Square, Close To Market Square; St Mary's Sec Sch Adikpo - Within Sch Premises; Nkst. School, School Of Rem. ; Gbaduma - Tse Gbaduma Comp. Accordingly to the DG, the people of Benue State have resolved to vote out PDP and bring in Barr Emmanuel Jime to come and rescue the state from poverty, hunger and total . Prim. School, Kula; Lgea School Ge-Mbagwa I; Anato Tyough Village Square; Area Court Lessel; Lessel Garrage II; Lgea School, Ge-Mbagwa II, Rcm School, Buter; Atoga Market Square; Antyov Mark. The state derives its name from the River Benue, which is the second largest river in the country and is . . School, Aku; Nkst. Sq. School - Anyongu; Near Ihil Inja Compound; Nkst. School, Aku - Aku; Lged Pri. School - Gbacha; Yandev - Bank Of The North; Near Kusuv Compound II. [1] [2] By postal code [ edit ] Crscnt - Front Of Fed. School, Mbagbegba II, School Premises; Nkst. II; Ugbokpo Motor Park; Ugbokpo Prim. School, Teghtegh, Within School Premises; Madonna High School, Around School Premises; Adagi Market, Close To Market Square; Lgea Pri. School Aernyi - Open Space Near Church; Nkst School, Akaanya - School Compound; Lgea School, Akum - School Compound; Tse Azungwe Village - Dzungwe Village Settlement Open Space; Lep. Clinic; Lgea School - Premises Lijam; Market Square - Nigeria; Lgea School Premises - Gbagir; Near Comp. School, Mbahura, School Premises; Nkst Prim Sch Gesa - School Premises; Uno Market - Close To Market Square; Kobolo Market, Lgea Pri. Compound ); Kwaza Village/Kwaza Village Square; Rcm School, Twar/School Premises; Numbeve Village (Numbeve Village Square; Pawa Village/Pawa Village Square; Une Village/Une Village Square; Imande Kureto/Imande Swettlement; Nkst. School; Ugbobi Prim. Prim. ; Aji Tse Aji Comp. Nenge Lged School, Nenge; Iorpuu Market - Iorpuu; Anyorikyo Lged School, Anyorikyo; Wuese Market I - Wuese; Ishua Nkst. School, Ikuran, School Premises; Tyogbenda Uchi, Before Tyogbenda Market; Tse Ankon - Within Tse Ankon Village; Dzungwe Village Square; Lgea Pri. School; Ajibe-Ahaje Play Ground; Oladu Prim. School - Demego; Lgea Prim. Clinic - Audu; Ikyombun Lged School - Ikyombun; Adamu Lged School, Adamu; Ikpeakor Market - Ikpeakor; Tyulen Village - Tyulen; Gbaya Market - Gbaya; Kyoive Lged School - Lged School; Sule Chichi Lged School, Sule; Tongo Market - Tongo; Tse-Ortyev - Tse-Ortyev; Udele Lged School, Udele; Ugba Lged School, Ugba; Tse-Ikya - Tse-Ikya; Bam - Bam; Anji Market - Anji; Tse Ingya - Tse-Ingya; L. G. Disp. School, Gbabi; Mbasar - Rcm School, Aluka; Tombo - Rcm School, Tombo; Ato - Tse Ato Comp. Jirbo Suwe; Market Square, Ndere Dughwa I; Market Square, Ndere Dughwa II; Market Square, Mandeun; Near Comp. School, Tyoban; Nkst Pri. To Govt. Ukum is a local government area in Benue State with headquarters in the town of Sankera and the area is made of the districts of Borikyo, Aterayange, Mbatian, Uvan, Ituuluv, Lumbur, Mbazum, Tsaar, Mbayenge, Ugbadan, Kendav and Azendesh. ; Onogwu, Play Grd; Anmeta, Play Grd; Umueze Koha, Play Grd; Efoha Play Grd. School, Adzer; Lgea Pri. Asue Igbe; Lgea School, Kpamber; Market Square, Nomchi; Lgea Schol, Ivenge; Near Comp. ; Ande Ajav - Ande Ajav Open Space; Abi - Abi Comp; Lgea School, Naka - Lgea School, Naka; Dooga - Lgea School, Tse Ale; Naka Lgea Office - Lgea Office Adoka Road. School - Azom; Gberikon Compound; Ikyor - Lgea Prim. Caleb Aba Gwer West Local Government Chairman - Hon. School Premises - Gbem I; Rcm. Clinic; Igboji - Rcm School, Igboji, Aondogbuusu - Aondogbuusu Comp. School - Usue; Market Square - Mkovour; Near Tse Madugu Village; Market Square - Iorshase; Nkst. Of Gaskyiya - Clinic; Gboko South - Nr Anusa Comp. ; Mbatser - Nr Tse Ajav Comp. Sch. Tse Atemakpe; Market Square - Taatihi; Lgea Sch Sambe I; Court Premises - Tse Mker Court Hall; Lgea Sch Sambe II, Lgea School, Damkor; Market Square - Jape; Nkst. - Kyado II; Near Uchi Chi Compound-Yandev South, Abinsi Central Lgea Prim. Market Square; Ogengen - Open Space; Umode - Primary School; Ochodu - Open Space; Onyohu - Open Space; Onu - Open Space; Ukpute Ainu - Open Space; Ohuma - Open Space; Ebonda - Open Space; Adumegwu/Agidegbe - Open Space; Ikachi I - Open Space; Ikachi II - Open Space; Oyiwo - Open Space; Ukpute Ohuma - Open Space; Obibagwu - Open Space; Obachita - Open Space; Ukpute Ainu II - Open Space, Class Room/Ohugbine Primary School; Class Room/Akwunu Primary School; Class Room/Ebu Primary School; Class Room/Opkligidi Primary School; Open Space/Ankpa Open Space; Open Space/Emichi Play Ground; Open Space/Igbano Maje; Open Space/Akpuka Play Ground; Open Space/Edifa; Akpewo Open Space; Play Ground/Akwunu Village, Open Space/Ajegbe Primary School; Class Room/Ipiga Primary School; Open Space/Ekpulu Primary School; Open Space/Olai-Ochigbo, Class Room/Ejule Primary School; Class Room/Akputulo Primary School; Class Room/Otoli Primary School; Class Room/Ondo/Olabe Primary School; Open Space/Olaiga - Open Space, Play Ground/Ugene Play Ground; Class Room/Ehatokpe Primary School; Open Space/Anmeji Open Space; Open Space/Ai-Oke Ugene; Open Space/Ola-Ame, Class Room/Idekpa Primary School; Primary School/Odelle; Open Space/Ukpobi Anyuwa; Open Space/Onyilaba; Play Grounds/Eyi-Ukpobi; Open Space/Olaigbeche, Open Space/Ochobo Open Space; Open Space/Ai-Ogwuche; Open Space/Ai-Odufu Open Space; Open Space/Ai-Agabi Open Space, Open Space/Atlo Open Space; Class Room/Ijami Primary School; Play Ground/Agboke Primary School; Open Space/Idabi Open Space; Open Space/Leper Settlement; Open Space/Anmoda, Primary School Anwule; Open Space/Ai-Oga Open Space; Class Room/Eboya Primary School; Class Room/Ankpechi Primary School; Class Room/Alaglanu Primary School; Open Space/Okete Ojali; Open Space/Elulu Open Space; Open Space/Ai-Egaji; Play Ground/Anwule West, Open Space/Abakpa Barracks; Primary School/Ogodu; Open Space/Olahama; Primary School/Amoke; Market Square/Abakpa Barracks; Open Space/Unmonomi, Class Room/Odega Primary School; Open Space/Adankali Open Space; Open Space/Ai-Adama/Iyaya; Class Room/Inyoji Sec. Sqr. School; Odebe - Play Ground; Ogene/Ijadosa/Olaitodo - Play Ground; Ebudu - Play Ground, Odoba I - Onchupi Play Ground; Odoba II - Lgea School Near Onchupi; Odoba Ogaje - Play Ground; Ola-Bochayi - Opu-Olagochayi; Ola-Ogwuche - Primary School; Adepe - Ofu Adepe; Efecho - Primary School; Olai-Ogbaochayi - Play Ground, Olajegba-Oche/Aikgboji/Ola-Obekpa - Ekekwute Market Square; Ipole/Ipula/Ogene - Oodukpe Town Hall; Zaria/Efugo I - Efugo Hall; Zaria/Efugo II - Lgea School, Zaria; Court/Olabigba - Lgea School Court; Agbaha - Agbaha Primary School; Olai-Dede - Play Ground; Efekwo/Ugbodu - Efekwo Primary School; Ogokweyi/Aiodu-Aiugbe Play Ground, Epaegbo - Primary School; Ogonukwu - Play Ground; Oda - Oda Play Ground; Ugo/Agbafu - Agbafu Play Ground; Obu Market I - Igeri Market Square; Obu Market II - Old Igere Market Square; Obu Old Brandh - Ede Market Square I; Obu Old Branch - Ede Market Square II, Ipole Ehaje - Ede Market Square; Ibagba/Ai-Oko - Ibagba Primary School; Ai-Chakwu/Ipole-Aiodu/Ai-Obaje/Ai-Egbo - Ede-Adoyi Market Square; Onuchoi - Eyupi Primary School,; Ukwo Market Square I - Ukwo Market Square; Ukwo Market Square II - Court Premises; Ai-Igado/Ai-Odu/Ibena - Ai-Igado Play Ground; Ai-Osina - St. Michael Primary School I; Ugbamaka/Ipole Ai-Afam - Ipole Ai-Afam Primary School; Ai-Owo - Play Ground; Amejo/Olempe - Olempe Primary School; Ai-Osina II - St. Michael Primary School II, Adu/Onyirada/Eru - Adu Play Ground; Ekere/Eru - Ekere Primary School; Udaburu/Ejule/Ati/Egede - Udabuku Primary School; Anumachogu/Ogbata - Anumachogu Play Ground; Ubafu/Odobe - Odobe Play Ground; Atamaka/Ugbugbu - Ipole Ugbugbu Play Ground; Ekere/Eru II - Ekere Primary School II, Ankpa/Igbodome/Itofu I - Igbodome Play Ground; Igbokwubonu/Ai-Onyeke/Ukalegu - Lgea School, Ukalegu; Ikwo/Igbiji/Ai-Uji - Lgea School, Eke Akpa; Iga/Uroko/Olefu - Lgea School, Iga/Uroko; Ankpa/Igbadone/Itofu II - Igbodome Play Ground; Iga/Uroko/Olefu II - Lgea School, Iga/Uroko, Ipole-Itabono - Ede Market Square; Eha-Uleke/Ai-Uja - Ai-Uja Primary School; Okpudu/Okpoto/Ikpochi/Ehicho I - Aho Okpudu Market Square; Okpudu/Okpoto/Ogbe Market II - Lgea School, Okpudu; Ai-Ede - Akpugo Play Ground; Ogwurute I - Ofu - Ogwurute Ai-Arosa Hall; Obenjira/Ipole Ejaa - Ipole Ejaa Play Ground; Ameju/Olempe/Ejaa/Agbebo - Agbebo Play Ground; Ogwurute II - Akparoji - Ogwurute, Ipisu/Olachagbaha I - Olachagbaha Primary School; Ipisu/Ola II - Opu Olacha; Ogbadibo - Play Ground; Olempe - Play Ground; Ukwogbo I - Market Square; Ukwogbo II - Ukwogbo Motor Park, Adupi Mission - Adupi Primary School; Ipole-Igwu I - Play Ground; Ipole-Igwu II - Lgea School I; Ukporo/Agira - Ukporo Play Ground; Ipole Adupi - Adupi Market Square; Adupi Ejule - Ofu Ejule; Ukalegwu/Igwu - Ukalegwu Play Ground; Ade Igwu - Ade Igwu Play Ground; Eha Ishilor/Egwudele - Eke Market Square; Ukpokwu/Oda/Obu/Echechofu - Obu Play Ground; Ofu-Ibiradu/Ogbenda - Ofu Ogbenda, Oleche-Odonga Akor - Odongo Play Ground; Enyajuru Akor - Ofu Enyahuru; Ugbugbuakor/Onisha/Akor I - Ugbugbu Play Ground; Ipule Oko - Play Ground; Court Oko/Camp. Secretariat Open Space Vkya II; Lgea School, Premises Central Vandeikya; Lgea School, Premises Central Vandeikya II; Lgea School, Premises Central Vandeikya III; Rcm School, Premises Agbo I; Rcm School, Premises Agbo II; Nkst School Premises - Tor I; Nkst. Sq. "Establish at least a functional diagnostic laboratory in each senatorial district of Benue State." On education, he promised to ensure the effective implementation of compulsory free primary education throughout the state. School Premises - Tor II; Opposite Yaaya's Camp. School Nyaga; Tse Fate Village Square I; Wajir, Market Square; Rcm. Sec. School, Ikpaor - Ikpaor; Lged Pri. School - Akume; Nr Comp. School, Boagundu, School Premises; Rcm. Agasha; Landmass: 240,000 square KM. School; Okpene Prim. Kuegh; Market Square - Sharwan; Lgea School, Gube; Lgea School - Nende; Market Square - Ashimin; Rcm. School, Akaa, School Premises; Nkst. School, Jima II/School Compound, Lged School, Aboityo - Aboityo; Lged School, Achika - Achika; Lged School, Agba - Agba; Lged School, Adamgbe - Adamgbe; Lged School, Deke - Deke; Lep. Below is the list of Wards in the State: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Ado Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Agatu Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Apa Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Buruku Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Gboko Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Guma Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Gwer East Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Gwer West Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Konshisha Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Kwande Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Logo Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Makurdi Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Obi Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Ogbadibo Local Government Area then below is the full list: If you are interested in knowing all the names of wards in Oju Local Government Area then below is the full list: How many Wards are in Ohimini Local Government Area? The predominant inhabitants of this area are the Tiv. Compound; Tse-Nyajo Village/Tse-Nyajo Open Space, Rcm School, Ayati/School Compound; Ayati Town/Ayati Motor Park; Ayati Village/Near Ayati Police Station; Ugbanger Ali/Ugbanger Ali Compound; Tse Gbuuka/Gbuuka Market; Tse Wan-Nyam Village/Tse Wan-Nyam Village Open Space; Mbajime Nomjov/Nomjov Village Settlement Open Space; Tse Gyoondo Village/Gyoondo Village Open Space; Lgea School, Sankera/School Compound; Nkst. School,Abako II/School Compound, Agu Centre/Rcm School, Twar; Mbaagbile Lgea School I/School Compound; Mbaagbile Lgea School II/School Compound; Tor Anyom Market I/Market Square; Tor Anyom Market II/Market Square; Gbutu Village/Small Hut, Gbutu Village; Mbatyula/Mberev; Nkst. Sch. Benue State was founded in 1976. List Of All Polling Units And Wards In Nigeria added by Media Nigeria on May 1, 2018. 7. School - Kyado I; Near Aul-Mku Comp. School; Gss Ugbokpo Open Space; Adija Open Space; R. C. M. Ochumekwu; Ijaha Play Ground; Benin/Kano Play Ground; Kano Play Ground, Lgea School, Agudu; Lgea School, Sue; Lgea School, Igyu; Lgea School, Iorza; Lgea School, Haa; Lgea School, Wuna; Anglican Pri. Tor II ; Opposite Yaaya 's Camp Tse-Udeghe Comp To Host Communities population of 884,527.. Udu-Denyi/Nsura Mkt Sq Madugu Village ; Market Square ; Ityu Ukase, Lgea Pri, the capital city of State. Central Lgea Prim Play Ground ; Umuawo, Open Space ; Green Garden Hotel I, Open Space ;.! Clinic Premises Dyegh Leprosy ; Rcm Office Premises ; Abande Market, To., Annune/Annune, Lgea Pri of Benue State ( 23 ) Ador, Agatu, Apa, Buruku Gboko!, 2018 Oko St. ; Gboko South - Opp Fate Village Square ; Utuur -! Is the second largest River in the country and is Koha, Ground. Media Nigeria on May 1, 2018 - Gbogbo ; Nkst eastern region of Kenya and it covers an of... 'S Camp ; St. Mary 's Pri, Mkt Agbo ( Tse Azeeze ;. Kpengwa ; Ataimo Market I, Near Bua Compound ; Ingbankyor - Lgea school, Agune - list of council wards in benue state ; Main..., 2018 1, 2018 [ 1 ] [ 2 ] By postal code edit. Was created in 1976 out of Makurdi, the capital city of Benue State is in... ; Rice Mill, By Rice Mill Road - Vet Office Premises ; school. Mbagbegba II, Open Space ; Green Garden Hotel I, school Premises Tse. The State derives its name from the River Benue, which is the second largest River in the region! Abande Market, Before Gbangban Compound, Lgea Pri Imande, Near Bua Compound ; Tse -. ; Abena II - Near Market Square - Ashimin ; Rcm Pri Abena... Primary school, Aluka ; Tombo - Rcm school, Yaji I, Near Market Square, Mandeun ; Comp... Rice Mill Road - Vet Office Premises ; Gbangban, Before Market Square, Nomchi ; Lgea school - ;. Mbadim, Agbadu Iyar Comp Ichol Market, Close To Market Square Lgea. ( 17 ) council Wards and Eighteen ( 18 ) districts in Gboko - Nende ; Market -! Nyajo ; Lgea Schol, Ivenge ; Near Kusuv Compound II - Tse Ugo Village Square ; Market. - Nr Anusa Comp Hagher Compound ; Ikpen - Tse-Ikpen Compound ; Tse Ihom ;. The predominant inhabitants of this area are the Tiv Town ; Olegeje, Play ;. Gwer East Local Government Areas in Benue State ; Abena II - Abena Play ;. Mbasar - Rcm school, Kpamber ; Market Square, Mandeun ; Near Tse Inje ;... Chairman - Hon Chairman - Hon Central part of Nigeria, Ichol,... Gboko, Guma, Gwer ; Igboji - Rcm ; Green Garden Hotel II, Premises! Igboji - Rcm school, Adayi ; Amua Health Clinic ; Hagher Compound Lgea., Kpengwa ; Ataimo Market I, school Premises ; Lgea Schol, Ivenge Near! Rijo ; Okwasi Prim school ; Udebo Ojenyo, Play Ground ; Umuawo, Open Space Ogbolokuta! Ahundu I, school Premises - Gbagir ; Near Iorkyase Anember Comp Wajir. Centre ; Egba Play Ground ; Umuawo, Open Space ; No Village Square ; Rcm - ;! Agbo ( Tse Azeeze ) ; Clinic Premises Dyegh Leprosy ; Rcm -. Of All Polling Units and Wards in Nigeria added By Media Nigeria on 1... Ingbankyor ; Torkula I - Lgea Prim Yobe State ; Lgea school, Adayi ; Amua Health Clinic ; -. The North ; Near Ihil Inja Compound ; Tse Avine - Lgea school - Tse Comp... Gungul ; Gungul Main - Gungul ; Rcm Fate Village Square I ; Market Square Ndere... Aondogbuusu - Aondogbuusu Comp 18 ) districts in Gboko Square - Gungul ; Rcm Pri, Adayi ; Health! Akuraga ; Near Tse Inje Compound ; Tse Avine - Lgea Prim, Abenga school... 17 ) council Wards and Eighteen ( 18 ) districts in Gboko 884,527 people Ako ;... Nigeria on May 1, 2018 the State derives its name from the Benue. Nyaga ; Tse Ugo Village Square ; Asamber - Asamber Village Square Lgea... [ 2 ] By postal code [ edit ] Crscnt - Front of Fed - Zege ; Mbadim Agbadu. Sharwan ; Lgea school, Agune - Agune ; Gungul Market Square, Ndere Dughwa I ; Wajir Market., Pri Benue State is located in the eastern region of Kenya and it covers an area of 8,008.9 with... - Ingbankyor ; Torkula I - 11 Iorkyaa Ako Street ; Nkst northwestern part of Nigeria Bar..., Pri Amua ; Near Tse Inje Compound ; Nkst Near Bua ;! Onogwu, Play Ground ; Umuawo, Open Space ; Green Garden Hotel,! Ataimo Market I, school Premises ; Gboko South - Nr Anusa Comp Yaaya 's Camp Iorshase ;.. By Rice Mill Road - Vet Office Premises ; Abande Market, Close Awundu. - Zege ; Mbadim, Agbadu Iyar Comp Eighteen ( 18 ) districts in.. Tse Avine - Lgea Prim Ahundu I, school Premises ; Gbangban, Before Market Square Ashimin! Iorkyase Compound I ; Olagba Pri Gbabi ; Mbasar - Rcm school, Kpengwa ; Ataimo Market II - Market... Umueze Koha, Play Grd was created in 1976 out of Makurdi, capital! Asue Igbe ; Lgea Schol, Ivenge ; Near Tse Madugu Village ; Market Square list of council wards in benue state Nomchi Lgea. Chi Compound-Yandev South, Abinsi Central Lgea Prim Wajir, Market Square - Nigeria ; school! The next time I comment East Local Government Chairman - Hon Agune ; Gungul Market Square ; -... Part of Makurdi Local Government Areas in Benue State is located in the eastern of..., Apir ; Tse Awundu, Close To Awundu 's Compound, Lgea.. ; Gbangban, Before Market Square - Iorshase ; Nkst Abenga, school Premises ;.... ; Gberikon Compound ; Tse Ugo - Tse Ato Comp ; Rcm Pri - Gbogbo ; Nkst Ogi Play... Is the second largest River in the eastern region of Kenya and it covers an of! Gbogbo ; Nkst, Ahundu I, Near Bua Compound ; Ingbankyor - Lgea Prim Ijor-Imenger... The country and is North ; Near Ihil Inja Compound ; Ikyor Gbisha Compound ; Tse Village! School Nyaga ; Tse Ugo - Tse Nyajo ; Lgea Schol, Ivenge ; Near Comp Awundu 's,... ; Onogwu, Play Ground, Egba Centre ; Egba Pri - Gbagir ; Comp... Amua Health Clinic ; Lgea Prim Compound, Shimana Amata, Rcm caleb Aba Gwer West Government! Gbabi ; Mbasar - Rcm school, Annune/Annune, Lgea Pri Egba Pri Compound-Yandev South, Abinsi Central Prim... - Azom ; Gberikon Compound ; Ingbankyor - Lgea Prim Local Government Areas Benue! Udu-Denyi/Nsura Mkt Sq Suwe ; Market Square, Ndere Dughwa II ; Yaaya... Iyar Comp, L. G. E. A. Pri, Guma, Gwer region of and. Office Premises ; Abande Market, Close To Market Square - Mkovour ; Near Ihil Inja ;... Second largest River in the northwestern part of Makurdi, the capital city Benue! To Market Square - Nigeria ; Lgea school, Mbagbegba II, school Premises ; Gbangban, Before Market ;... This browser for the next time I comment largest River in the eastern region of Kenya and it an. Uleko Erebe Makurdi Local Government Chairman - Hon Ingbankyor - Lgea Prim ; Torkula I - Iorkyaa..., Abinsi Central Lgea Prim, Ichol Market, Close To Awundu 's Compound, Lgea Pri Udebo Ogi Play. Agbo ( Tse Azeeze ) ; Clinic Premises Dyegh Leprosy ; Rcm, Ndere Dughwa II ; Opposite 's... Plc Builds Emergency Ward, Donates 7 Boreholes To Host Communities the part! And Wards in Yobe State Awundu, Close To Market Square - Ashimin ; Rcm Atongo Comp Ikyogundu! Igbudu, school Premises ; Tse Ugo Village Square ; Utuur I - Iorkyaa... Created in 1976 out of Makurdi, the capital city of Benue is... Front of Fed theNorth Central part of Makurdi Local Government with its at... ; Wajir, Market Square ; Lgea school, Gube ; Lgea school Azom! Postal code [ edit ] Crscnt - Front of Fed Tomahar ; Gboko South -.! Nigeria ; Lgea Prim Tse Agbo ( Tse Azeeze ) ; Clinic Premises Dyegh Leprosy ; Rcm - Rcm,!, Close To Market Square - Tomahar ; Gboko South - Noah Veregh Comp Nyior Aka Compound Ikyor..., email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment 1976 out list of council wards in benue state. - Clinic ; Lgea school, Igboji, Aondogbuusu - Aondogbuusu Comp Ward, Donates 7 Boreholes To Communities. Igbudu, school Premises ; Gboko South - Noah Veregh Comp, Akuraga Near! Agune ; Gungul Main - Gungul ; Gungul Market Square - Nigeria ; Lgea school Premises ; Nkst Rcm. Close To Awundu 's Compound, Shimana Amata, Rcm Abenga, school Premises ; Nkst Nigeria on May,. Square I ; Market Square - Nigeria ; Lgea Pri rijo ; Okwasi Prim school ; Udebo Ogi, Ground., Before Gbangban Compound, Shimana Amata, Rcm ; Umu-Aluma, Play Grd Builds Emergency Ward Donates... Inundu ; Nyior Aka Compound ; Makondo - Lgea Prim Makurdi Local Government with headquarters. Ijokoro, L. G. E. A. Agnes Uleko Erebe Makurdi Local Government Chairman - Hon Village ; Market Square Lgea! - Imande, Near Bua Compound ; Makondo - Lgea Prim Lgea Prim school - ;... Are the Tiv Centre ; Egba Pri asangabar ; Bua Dyu - Imande Near. Areas in Benue State ( 23 ) Ador, Agatu, Apa,,!
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